Corporate Information : Message From Director

Founded in 2000, PT Megasatria Hiciter. set out itself to be a leading industrial coding marking in industrial manufacture

The company is a Authorized Master Dealer of Hitachi Industrial Equipment system, We have branches in major towns like  Bandung , Semarang ,Surabaya ,Kalimantan ,Sumatera and  branch is now open to cater for our customers at the Indonesia region

Creating New Value via “Connect, Link”,

PT Megasatria Hiciter is contributing to the future global society.

The recent evolution of digital technology and accelerating global development creates diverse business challenges for our customers. At Hitachi, we promote Social Innovation Business by combining OT*1, IT, and Product.

PT Megasatria Hiciter  provides products and solutions utilizing IoT, striving for seamless optimization from management to factory floor. We focus on improving the three customer’s values; Social value, Environment value, and Economic value.

Our aim is to be a long term, valuable partner for our customers.

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems and PT Megasatria hiciter  is dedicated to contributing the realization of the prosperous future and the prosperous society.

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